Qolor is Five Stars’ newest brand in paint items. This brand is unique due to its wide variety of paint formulas: Paperpaint, Fingerpaint, Windowpaint, Magicpaint, Chalkpaint and 3DGelaxy.

In the Paperpaint line Five Stars developed a new press-and-paint brush pen, with which you can paint instantly. Gently press the soft pen and use the brush to spread the paint that comes out. This line concentrates on beautiful creations in drawings, stamp art and spray art.

The Fingerpaint pot has two special functions: first, the integrated sponge helps young children to make the perfect fingerprint and second, they can explore little shapes inside the paint. The Fingerpaint is combined with several fun additions like a 16-pages fingerprint book or sponges that can be put on the fingers.

Use the Windowpaint directly on glass or use special templates to make cool stickers. Stick them on the car window or home window. With the new ‘glow in the dark’ Windowpaint, the window stickers will be sparkly by day and glowing at night. The Windowpaint line also has a paint formula with chalk effect. Through the attached stencils and templates, awesome chalk creations can be made.

Magicpaint is special 3D paint that is suitable for plastic, textile and more. It gives children the ability to decorate anything they like.

Outdoors, Chalkpaint spray guarantees hours of fun. With Five Stars’ specially designed 4-layered stencils any child becomes a paint artist! Awesome monsters come alive on the playground.

Five Stars created a new subline, called 3DGelaxy. Through the 'Gel-like' paint substance, children can make real 3D accessories. Talking about jewellery, mobile cases, keychains, mini bags, key cases, bike accessories and many more. The 3DGelaxy paint formula is of high quality, which allows the accessories to be used and stored for a long time. The line also features a real 3D paint studio with 6 different functions. Children can enjoy themselves and create their own accessories.

Living in an era where electronic devices interact with our lives more than ever before, Five Stars believes it is extra important to stimulate kids’ sense of creativity and ability to construct something from scratch. In Qolor they put the focus on finding unique ways of playing to make children real artists with simple materials. Anybody can make beautiful designs with our products! Throughout the Qolor line one special paint pen is recognizable and in combination with fitting add-ons perfect to use in the different paint formulas. Next to that, our designers put extra attention to the package style, adding clear tutorials for ultimate play value. Of course, all our products comply with the latest European toy


  • New developed paint formulas
  • In compliance with the latest toy quality standards
  • Innovative press-and-paint brush pen for paper paint
  • Multi-functional finger paint bucket