About Five Stars

Our company was founded in 2006 and specializes in three product categories: creative toys, outdoor toys, and cosmetics + accessories. We are committed to:

“delivering high-end products with the latest, modernly designed artwork, combined outstanding quality & service standards to all our customers”

-      Based on customer needs with regard to:

  • Our standard product assortment;
  • Private labels and OEM projects
  • Licenses

We have a product design and development team both in the Netherlands as well as Hong Kong. We create own product molds and product formulations for paint, dough, cosmetics, and other creative toys.

All our products comply with the latest relevant European directives, such as – just to name a few examples – EN71, Phthalates free, REACH, Cadmium, Azo Dye, certain applicable chemical tests, anti-toxicology tests, cosmetics directive for the cosmetics, and other, applicable to various age categories, i.e. some items are tested for all ages, and some are tested 3+.

The cosmetics division is one of the true success stories in Five Stars. When most toy companies lost market share due to the tightened regulations for ingredients and quality controls, Five Stars decided to take a risk and invest heavily in this product line to become an expert in this field. We are always up to date, and often ahead, of the European quality and safety standards for both the toys and cosmetics category testing and you will find an extensive assortment of products in our Hong Kong showroom and Nuremberg booth. We developed our own product formulations and none of the products contain parabens. By doing so, we have become a leading supplier of children cosmetics globally. We supply many major retailers with our Starmodel brand or OEM for their private labels.

Creative/ DIY toys is an area Five Stars chose to become experts in for reasons similar to those of the cosmetics. Also these items are subject to very strict quality guidelines which many companies cannot follow at an attractive price point. We invest a lot of time and effort in creating innovative products that are safe and fun to play with. Also these items, which include dough, paint, and more, are all based on our own newly developed formulations, guaranteeing maximum product safety.

Our outdoor toys division is derived from our previous core business: outdoor products. We have slimmed down this division to toys and summer items only and put focus on the most successful items in this range. Also for these items, we are always a front runner when it comes to product quality and safety. Especially our tents, bouncers, and Salta trampolines are very popular spring and summer toys.

You will find all detailed product information for each division in the section “products”.

Our strong design team has helped us to create a couple of brands with attractive products and eye-catching artwork that are to found in the permanent collections of many reputable retailers worldwide. Our main market is still Europe, but we are aiming for rapid growth in the Middle-East, Asia-Pacific and the Americas now. We are also the long-term OEM partner of various retail giants globally.