Young Chef combines what kids love the most: toys and sweets!

Children love to help their parents in the kitchen. By involving children in cooking they can learn about new recipes and flavours. However, there might be many objects in the kitchen that are dangerous for children. With the products of Young Chef, children can safely create their own food without any danger. Young Chef's products offer children the chance to experiment and discover new tastes and combinations; an absolute must for a fun and educational time. Children can recognize and taste food easier if they have prepared it by themselves.

With our products, children can make their own ice cream, frozen drinks and cake pops without parents worrying about their safety. The ingredients are easy to buy or easy to find in every single household


  • New developed paint formulas
  • Food grade testing included
  • Combines what kids love most: Toys and Sweets
  • Makes genuine ice cream, popsicles, and slush puppies