Crea Dough is one of the best quality dough available in the market. After many years of experience, we have found the perfect mix of ingredients to produce only the best quality of dough at our factory in China. We are happy and proud to present the new corporate identity of Crea Dough. The product line is divided into five new themes: Farm, Cooking, Learning, Beauty and Baking. Each theme has its own character and all characters are also available as a toy. Children can for example compose their own farmer by using clay and stickers and can create a big farm with the other fun products of Crea Dough. The new colours are very bright and the dough has a great texture. Crea Dough always strives for a continuous quality level and high value for money. All products are tested to be complied with the updated European and Worldwide safety standard proven to be non-toxic and safe to children.


  • Brand new product formulation
  • Safe
  • Great Texture
  • Continuous quality level
  • High value for money